Dr Brown s glass bottle with wide neck natural flow Options 270ml (2 pcs)


Ergonomically designed glass bottle with a wide neck, 270 ml capacity, which through the innovation of air passage ensures unique feeding advantages.
By using it with the air passage system, you benefit from all the advantages for a healthy feeding.
Without the air passage system you have the convenience of a compatible bottle with air passage through the nipple

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The advantages of the air transit system
Dr. Brown’s bottles are the preferred and trusted choice of parents because they are proven to reduce colic, reflux and stomach or intestinal gas caused by feeding in infants.
The innovative natural flow system included in their design eliminates atmospheric air and pressures inside the bottle, making feeding the most enjoyable experience for both infant and parents.
In addition, the removal of air prevents oxidation of the milk, ensuring the preservation of vitamins and lipids, the most essential ingredients for proper nutrition and infant health.
– Clinically proven to reduce colic.
– Reduces gagging, burping and gas.
– Better retains nutrients in breast milk and formula.
– Helps digestion for a good night’s sleep.
– Provides flow that supports breastfeeding.
– Suitable for dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer. BPA free. 0m+.
– Nipple shape that resembles mom’s breast promotes proper baby grip for a more natural bottle feeding experience.
– Designed with the help of healthcare professionals, the properly shaped nipple and high-quality soft silicone provide a more comfortable experience and help prevent nipple confusion. Perfect for switching from breast to bottle and back!

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