Bottle Tommee Tippee plastic bottle 340ml Anti-colic medium flow


We have combined our award-winning nipple that simulates mum’s breast with the latest and most innovative in the fight against colic and created the new Advanced Anti-Colic bottle. The unique 3-point anti-colic technology removes air from the milk and at the same time the star valve does not allow the milk to move backwards, which means 80% less gas, vomiting and discomfort and 100% more smiles! Plus, the built-in plastic tube with heat sensor offers more confidence that the milk is at the right temperature so you can feed your baby in comfort

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Designed to reduce the symptoms of colic.
Unique 3-piece tube that removes air from the milk.
Asteroid valve that prevents milk from traveling back, resulting in zero leaks.
Heat sensing technology: Changes the color of the tube to pink when your baby’s milk is too hot.
Award-winning nipple, which simulates the mother’s breast, for a natural hold and guaranteed acceptance.
Advanced Anti-Colic
Bottle – Medium flow
340 ml
Silicone teat
Advanced 3-point anti-colic technology.
Asteroidal valve that prevents leaks.
Heat sensor. Bisphenol A (BPA) free.

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