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Everna-Fix is the perfect seat for the future. Designed to keep pace with your child’s development from 9 months to 12 years.
Made to meet GoodBaby’s high safety standards with high quality fabrics,
ensures functionality and provides continued safety and support throughout all years of your child’s development,
ensuring they are well protected at all times.
The Everna Fix, with an overall score of 2.4 has successfully passed the European car seat test carried out
by ADAC and the Swiss TCS and was awarded Best In Category

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From 9 kg up to 18 kg your child is secured with the Everna FIx 5-point harnesses for maximum safety. After 18 kg (approx. 105 cm high), the seat belts are removed and the child is secured with the car’s 3-point harness.The seat headrest follows the child’s height and the patented recall feature helps the child to rest on journeys without his/her head falling forward.

The integrated side protection system (L.S.P. Linear Side-impact Protection System) is a standard safety feature. By opening it from the side of the door, L.S.P. adds another layer of safety as it absorbs about 25% of the force in a side impact collision.

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